Sometimes You Need a Little Sparkle


Happy Thursday guys!! how’s everyone doing !? I just made myself a coffee in my last nights cup and forgot to poor the old coffee out cause I thought it was this mornings coffee not last nights coffee…lol guess I’ll be make myself another coffee

Its been a minute sense I featured sequins on the blog ! I was mindlessly scrolling through Zaras website and came across this skirt and fell in love as I do with most clothing items I have ! So I purchased it and here we are a week later its on the blog !

Lately I haven’t been wearing a lot of color … its been so gloomy here in Calgary, so I’ve been able to wear all my dark and ominous tones for spring…. I haven’t even bought spring or summer clothing yet…. I just don’t think its going to get hot here ….But just cause it gloomy out doesn’t mean a girl cant have fun with a little sequin number !

I decide to down play the sequin skirt, cause I was wearing it for a normal day, no special event planed just work and home, I just wanted to be comfy and work appropriate. I already new people were going to stare cause I’m wearing a layered midi length sequin skirt in the berbs in the middle of the day …. its okay let them stare! My skirt makes me happy!

I’ve linked a few fun sequin pieces !! Let me know what you think, would rock the sequin skirt or any sequins !

Be Bold guys, who cares what the on lookers think!

Have a great day!



Photos By: ME

Skirt: Zara, Shirt: Vintage (similar linked below), Shoes: Vintage (similar linked below)

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