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GOOOD Morning guys! It is Friday and let just say I’m happier then hell that it is Friday, I think I’m going to do a girls night and get a little loose… and dance way some stress …

Now everyone knows how much I love to thrift, you can find some pretty cool and unique pieces in a thrift store! What I love about thrifting is that its a more sustainable way of purchasing clothing and vintage or preowned clothing has a story to tell, its seen things, its been around the block and theirs something magical about that !

You’d be happy to know that everything that I’m wearing has been thrifted… with the exception of the bag that I purchased from Aritzia! I am aware of the impact that the fashion industry has on the environment, the fashion industry is one of the most pollutant industry to the environment and being the product of fast fashion trends its important to do ones part and be socially aware of what your buying and where your buying it from! When you go to the grocery store you want to know where your produce and meat come from and if they are grass feed or free range…. so why not ask the same of your clothing ? I’m at a point were 50% of my wardrobe is thrifted and I didn't intend to have such a largely thrifted closet, its not like I set out on some mission to be the joan of arch of the thrifting world and wave a white flag and saying I’m socially responsible, I just truly love thrifting and shopping and thrifting allows me to find one of a kind pieces that I can afford!

I’m not saying you should feel guilty about purchasing clothing and shopping cause trust me I’m still going to buy clothing, I’m just starting to ask more question and take more responsibility as a consumer! Their are a lot of cool brands out there that are starting to make clothing from recycled waist and fabric, and others that are trying to reduce their foot print with production, logistics, and operations and I think its really amazing that the fashion industry is starting to move towards a more sustainable business model !

Let me know if you have any favorite sustainable brands that you love!

Happy Friday guys, and have a great weekend !



Photos By: Me

Jacket: Thrifted (similar linked below) Boots: Thrifted (similar linked below), T-Shirt: Thrifted (similar linked below)

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