Platform Combat Boots


Good Morning guys, how’s everyone doing on this lovely Tuesday???? We’ve had a crazy few weeks here… it crazy 3 years can pass like nothing and all of this change happens all at once, lets just say life doesn't wait for you … lol. What am I talking about… well we are moving to Calgary !!!! When I left Calgary 4 years ago I never thought I would or we would be back but it seems that life has other plans for us and well we are heading back, and this move is happening quite fast, we are moving at the end of March …crazy right ?!

I love boots, particularly combat boots and my newest addition is my platform Dr. Martens, I’ve been wanting these for a while now but always talked myself out of buying them cause I thought they were tooo expensive for what they were … but last Wednesday night Tim and I went to the mall and I passed by a shop that had them sitting in the front display and I just new I had to get them, I had waited long enough to buy them so why not just take the plunge and get them!

Platform combat boots are an easy wear, I wore mine all through the weekend with every outfit and loved them and so did everyone else except for Tim…lol. I’ve linked a few of my favorite styles of platform or chunky heeled combat boots for you guys, one think I noticed is that the Dr. Martens are probably one of the cheaper styles you can get !

Happy Tuesday


Kar !

Photos By: ME

Shoes: Dr. Martens, Jeans: Levis (similar linked below), Jacket: HM, Top: Zara

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