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Goood Morning Guys! Not sure why I’m in such a good mood but I am, it might be because I woke up today feeling completed, I had a super productive day yesterday and got a bunch of things checked off the todo list that have been there since….. like a few weeks maybe months … Lets just say I’m happy its all done, I feel a sense of relieve and its grand!

Personally I don't think you need a lot to make a great outfit, what I like to focus on or look for when out shopping is items that are basic but have unique details. For example, my sweater its just a normal oversized sweater but what makes it unique is that its orange, but because its in a “normal” silhouette its super easy to wear with almost everything in my wardrobe and because its a classic cut it means it will never go out of style! Take my skirt, its a leopard satin skirt what makes this look timeless and chic is the cut, its high waisted slip skirt that hits below them knee, the longer hem line makes the skirt feel more elegant and makes it more easy to wear during everyday life!

When your outshopping and you want to incorporate trendy pieces or colors into your wardrobe really focus on the cut and ask your self is this timeless or will I be getting rid of it in 1 season and if the answer is the second then don't do it, cause its a waist of money and its bad for the environment !

I’ve linked what I consider classic trendy items for this spring! I really hope you like the post!

Have a great Thursday Guys!



Photos By: ME

Skirt: Aritzia, Boots: Vintage (similar linked below), Sweater: H&M (similar linked below)

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