The Spring Trench


Good morning guys!! Happy Tuesday ! I was looking through the calendar last night and I noticed that March 1st is on Friday… we’ve already made it through 2 months of the new year!!!! Which got me thinking about my new years resolution, have I been able to implement it and keep it going, was I still on track for achieving my goals this year ??

The answer is kinda….lol, I didn't really make any self resolutions, I mean Tim and I made life goals that we're trying to achieve this year and are on track to doing so, but I realized that I didn't make any resolutions or goals for myself, so I’ve decided to do so!

How are you guys doing with you New Years resolutions or gaols that you've set for this year?!

Now because I love jackets and coats so much I couldn't wait for Trench season! I love spring coats or more specifically I love a SPRING TRENCH! I’ve been sporting a few on my Instagram and on the blog, some are thrifted and some are retail, so you can find them at any price point depending on your budget!

Personally I like them oversized, I’m not a fan of the fitted trench or well anything fitted really …lol Tim still says I wear to many layers …lol! Trench coats traditionally come in that tan/camel color but I love all colors, a statement trench is a great piece for the spring season! You can go basic with the datils and have more of a minimalist style or go super utility and have more of military style trench , I usually fall right in the middle !

I’ve linked a few styles with low and high price points, so you guys could get some ideas! Let me know what ya think!

Have a great day!



Photos By: Tim

Trench: Aritzia, Top: Aritzia, Jeans: Vintage (similar linked below, Blazer: Vintage, Boots: Zara (similar linked below)

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