Shorts for Fall?


Good morning guys!!! Happy Thursday!!! I have some exciting news… We got a puppy!!!!! Tim and I are so thrilled, hes an 8 week old, Old English Bulldog and his name is Drax! (For all those Marvel fans out there, does anyone know here his name is from?)

Well its fall, and cause I’m not ready to break out the winter coats or woolly jumpers just yet, I’ve decided to use some summer transitional pieces for Fall, 1 being men’s Bermuda shorts! I know not everyone likes mens clothing so I linked below some women’s versions of Bermuda shorts below! When it starts to get colder out you can slap on a pair of stockings or add a woolly jumper and your good to go for the negative temperatures ! Funny thing, is once I took these photos it started to snow… so I looks like I’m going to be rocking them with stockings from now on!

Photos By: Me

Shorts: H&M, Top: Zara, Jacket: Vintage (similar linked below) Shoes: Vintage (similar linked below)

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