Good Morning folks, happy Friday!! Any grand adventures planned for the day or weekend…? I myself slept in 2 hours and didn't get out of bed till 7:30….. its technically my day off and is my only day off till next Saturday so maybe its okay that I slept in …I don't know, but that's what I’m using to rationalize my laziness….lol

on a side note I thought I’d mention that most of the photos are upper body due to the fact that these photos were taken in the rain and well my camera was having a very hard time focusing …. so sorry about that, but none the less I hope you enjoy!

Now because I’m super excited for spring and really just cant wait for everyone’s spring collection to launch, I’ve been a little bit proactive with the blog post and the current esthetic, I’m not sure how many people are able to wear shorts at this current moment in our winter season but here in Vancouver the temperatures range from +8 to +12 on most days, I’ve had a little bit more freedom with my wardrobe and don't really have to or have I ever had to dress for the winter this season. This why I’m able to do a blog post in shorts lol, In my mind if I dress for spring, spring will come!

The trick to wearing neon colors is pairing them with neutrals, like beiges and greys, as you know I’m mildly obsessed with hoodies and blazers which is why I obviously did this pairing but you don't have to be as bold and do a full neon hoodie you can incorporate this color in the slightest of ways, accessories like belts and hair ties, or bags and shoes work as well and add a nice punch of color to the unexpected.

Happy Friday guys!



Photos By: Me

Shorts: Zara, Sweater: J2 (sold out, similar linked below), Cowboy Boots: Vintage, Blazer: Vintage

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