New Year- Stop Making Excuses


Well good morning beautiful people! This is the first Bog post of the new year and I’ve been thinking about this for a long time and now that I’am alone sitting in front of my computer screen ready to write my bog post, I am drawing a blank… I’ve been infected with writers block… lol

I will say that this post is a bit different, on the surface it seems the same but trust me its different, cause for the first time I’m posting photos on my blog that I TOOK… yes thats right, I took my own phots…!

For the longest time I made excuses as to why I couldn’t do a post, whether it was on my blog or on Instagram and even with me trying to start YouTube, I realized that I am the reason why, not work, not Tim, there is no external reason as to why I cant do something other then that I was the reason why I couldn't do something and that applies to all things in life. Your frustrated at work cause you haven't received a raise or that promotion that you were gunning for, well think about it, did you put in the extra hours, did you work hard and express interest, no ones going to give these things you have to work for it, go out there and get it!

This new year lets stop making excuse and start finding ways to achieve the things we want, you might fail the first time and ya know what, good! You can take that and use it and reapply it! you want to be successful and happy in this life, it takes work, nothing is free, it takes motivation, consistency, and a lot of hard work! But trust me its all worth it, would you rather be rested and unhappy or tired and happy…..? Ill take the second option everyday!

Anyways folks that's enough rambling from me, I’ve got to get my ass to work! Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday !



Photos By: ME

Coat: Aritzia, Sweater: Huff, Shoes: Zara, Jeans: Levis

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