My New Favorite Dress


Good Morning !! Its a lovely day out, and I'm finally feeling relaxed, I was kinda feeling anxious yesterday a bit overwhelmed and stressed out but all good now. I made the hard decision yesterday to NOT go to fashion week in New York and be responsible and buy a car... I'm not going to lie I may have cried a bit.. lol, so sad, but sometimes needs out way wants, I guess that's apart of growing up

Instead of spending a crazy amount of money in New York I decided to put it to good use, and invest in a car... this wasn't an easy decision to make cause New York fashion week is a very long overdue dream of mine. I would say the only reason why I made this decision was Tim, he kinda made, no not really but he did persway  me to make the right decision, I can always do New York fashion week in Instead of going to New York we're going to head down to Seattle for the weekend so not a bad trade-off!

sIts pretty evident that I've been obsessed with all things suiting, but what beats the suits and the vest and the trousers are... the oversized blazer (men's blazers) worn as dresses, I just can't get enough of them, I have 4 blazers that I've thrifted and 2 that are blazers from the women's section that I bought really big so I could wear them as a dress!

I personally prefer the men's suit blazers over women's cause they are a Y cut and have an exaggerated shoulder which has a nice sliming effect on the body and they are long enough to wear as a dress! The easiest style to wear is probably single-breasted for the simple reason that its less fabric, when you do double-breasted it doesnt drape as nice when its closed

For footwear, you can rock whatever your little heart desires, I've worn heels, mules, sneakers and combat boots which is what I went with here! I would say Thrifting this item is probably the best option but if that's not your jam I've linked a few styles that would work just grand!

Oh and funny story, I made MR Tim take photos outside of Canadian Tire cause well I needed a phot and he needed to go to Canadian Tire... lol. As passerbyers stared at us Tim asked "How did my life become this..." my response... "You married me and it ain't going to change..." lol!!!!

Poor Tim!




Photos By: Tim White

Blazer: Vintage, Boots: Forever21, Socks: Nike, Bag: Zara, Slip Dress: Asos

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