How to Rock Mustard this Season


Good Morning folks !! its a Tuesday after a long weekend, it doesn't really feel like a long weekend probably cause I worked all of it and I'm still working, currently on day 6 of an 8-day stretch! I know I missed yesterdays post but I was so tired and I was sick and still sick but I needed to reset before o long day at work!

There are many colors that will be a BIG deal for this upcoming fall season that I'm oh so happy about and one of them being Mustard! I love mustard, not only is it one of my favorite condiments but as a color its pretty sweet too! It tends to look good on all skin tones you just need find what tone of mustard looks good on you!

Mustard is a very versatile color you can wear it with warm and cools tones, it goes with browns, blacks, grey, navy blue, beige cream, white! So don't be scared of this vibrant color and think its a onetime use and you can only wear it one way cause I'm here to say it can be worn multiple ways! I decided to go monochromatic cause I felt like being dramatic !

The easiest way to incorporate this color into your fall wardrobe is probably via accessories, a fun bag or shoes go along way when you want to spices things up!

Have a great day guys!



Photos By: Tim White

Shirt: Aritzia, Shoes: Oak & Fort (similar linked below), Bag: Zara, Skirt: Forever21 (similar linked below), Sunglasses: Zara, Belt: Vintage

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