Corduroy- The 70s are Back!


Good morning guys, how’s everyone morning been?? I am off today and I’m super stocked I just got off the phone with my sister Kiki and it was nice to catch up, I wont be down in that neck of the woods till November which will be for her birthday.

Corduroy…. yep its a thing and I love it! It kinda gives me vibes from that 70’s show and I love that show!

Why Corduroy is such a big yes, well its something fun and fresh, people really haven’t worn corduroy since… well I cant remember the last time people wore corduroy which is why its back with a vengeance. You can get corduroy in skirts, jackets, suits, pants in flares, crops, and straight legs, and now you can even get corduroy in other colors other than brown, you can get it in hot pink, lilac, blue, red, and so many more!

The only thing to be mindful of is the fit. Corduroy has a tendency to relax and stretch, so my advice is to size down! I know, I always say this but have fun with it, corduroy was once stuffy and old with no appeal and now it has been given new life and it comes in all shapes and sizes and colors ! I believe if your going to do something, do it right and full heartedly, meaning go all out and do corduroy on corduroy and pick unique silhouettes, everyone can wear a skinny pant in corduroy so why not be different and take a chance and do a flare, or even a kick flare, do high waisted and pick a crazy color, Fashion should be fun!

Have a great day guys!



Photos By: Tim White

Pants: Aritzia, Jacket: Zara, Shirt: Vintage, Belt: Vintage, Bag: Forever21, Shoes: Asos

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