The Biker Short 2.0


Well good evening guys, doing a night post which is not the norm, its just because I couldn't get Wi-Fi on my break to post so I had to wait till I got home! I’m at home now, drinking a coffee, watching Sneaky Peet and working!

Biker Shorts, you've all seen them, they are hard to miss seeing as there everywhere… From Kim K to Hailey Baldwin to the neighbor next store… everyone is wearing them at the moment and to be honest I understand why, they are extremely comfy, cheap and look cool!

I know some people may have a bad taste in their month when they think about biker shorts and that's probably cause back in the 80s and 90s they got a bad rap, people where wearing them with leg wormers and scrunchies and men were wear wearing them with crop tops and perms … lol not a good look! Now the biker short has been revived and they look fresh and surprisingly high fashion, you can wear them with blazers (my Favorite) t-shirts, denim, sweaters and if you pair it with a heel they look amazing!!

Biker Shorts are actually quite versatile and now that they are available in so many styles, colors, and patters they are extreamly accessible and affordable, you can even do different textures like mesh or lace!

Have a great night guys!!



Photos By: Tim White

Sweater: Aritzia, Jacket: Pennys (similar linked below), Boots: Zara (similar linked below) Shirt: Zara (similar linked below), Backpack: Dollskill (similar linked below) Bicycle Shorts: Aritzia

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