The Best Check Trousers under 30$


Good Morning Guys, its a lovely Monday morning here in Vancouver, how was everyone’s weekend?? I worked till 11pm on Saturday but was off on Sunday which was nice, I got some work done on the blog and then we did some work on the vehicles and we went out for dinner, we were going to see the new predator but decided to skip it and watch the old one at home and I talked Tim in to go to the mall for 15 minute power shop…lol

Just a quick update on last week, I did not manage to make it to fashion week at all.. I was to busy and tired from work last week, it was either get rested or go to a show and I picked get rested, I’ve had one day off in 10 days and needed the sleep!

Trousers or more specifically Check Trousers are a staple for this fall. You can spend a lot of money on them or you can spend a little, I have 3 pairs ranging from 20$- 150$ and to be honest I cant really tell the difference between the 20$ pair and the 150$ pair so that got me thinking, lets do a post on the best 20$ trousers. I found a few for 20$ and a few for around the 30$ mark so Id say its a post on 30$ trousers!

When you start dipping in to the lower end of pricing on clothing there’s a few things you want to be aware of. With Checkered you want to check the seams and make sure that the Checkered patterns meet-up and are aligned, you also want to check the fiber content and make sure that if you wash them, you will still be able to wear them.. lol usually anything with a polyblend would be okay.

Have fun with your check trousers, you can get them in all sorts of colors and silhouettes, I prefer a high-waist with a straight leg, I find it to be the most flattering on my body shape!

Which is your guys favourite ??

Have a great day !



Photos By: Tim White

Shoes: Forever21, Pants: H&M, Jacket: Shein, Bag: Zara, Top: Aritzia

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