Chunky Oversized Cardigans


Good morning guys!! Today is my last day off before I head back to the grind.. lol, it feels like I was off just yesterday, time fly’s! Speaking of time its just about mid September, this idea just kind hit me last night as I was reviewing a bunch of upcoming post and getting my content organized … I was like wow soon its going to be October… lol

I love jacket weather, cardigan weather, sweater weather, layering weather.. because I love to wear lots and lots of Tim always says I wear to much … and that I should wear less clothing.. lol, it’s kinda funny that my husband is telling his wife to wear less clothing… usually its the other way around!

Clothing is my comfort, it just makes me feel special, different, unique, I like to have fun with it, and experimenting with new styles and silhouettes!

A good cardigan is just as important as a good jacket, blazer, coat and so on. You can do a lot with a cardigan, you can layer over or under, you can wrap it closed and wear it like a dress, it keeps you warm, need I go on lets just say the options are infinite!

I have 2 styles that I love, 1 being the oversized chunky cardigan and 2 being the very long more tailored style. I thought I’d break it up into a 2 part series, today we will be focusing on the oversized chunky cardigan and at a later date I will do a post on all my favorites long lined tailored cardigans!

Things to know about the chunky oversized cardigan, it needs to be below the hips or above the hips, this style of cardigan should never fall directly at the hips.. it will make you look heavy. Make sure it comes with pockets, pockets are MC (mission critical). Always size up so that you get that nice oversized look. One last thing, they need to have a full sleeve, and be made out of wool, it can be a wool blend but just make sure there is wool in it cause this will keep you stay nice and warm but will also help you stay cool if your switching between inside and outside throughout the day!

Those are my tips to finding the best oversized cardigan for this fall season!

Have a Great Day Guys!



Photos By: Tim White

Cardigan: Zara, Shoe: Asos (similar linked below), Bag: Zara, Shirt: Old (similar linked below)

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