The Best Leather Pieces for Fall


Hey hey guys!! how’s everyone’s week gone thus far?? I’m about to head to work and then I’ve committed my self to boxing class this evening and I’m already regretting it …lol and I cant cancel it cause I already paid for the class and it would also be kinda dickish of me if I cancelled on my girl… cause I always cancel but when I’m done work all I want to do is come home and work on my blog or do some sewing … I feel guilty for do anything other then those 2 and that's why I tend to always cancel on my friends.

Leather or Vegan leather is probably one of my favorite textures to wear. I love that something so simple can look so edgy and unique. Leather leggings, leather jacket, leather shorts leather pants are all items I own and enjoy wearing, so much so that I even wore my leather shorts in the mid of summer cause I just could wait till September to wear them!

The easiest leather piece to incorporate you wardrobe is either the leather jacket or leather shoes. For the leather jackets the best style or my favorite style is probably the traditional biker style aka “Moto Jacket” and I’ve linked one down below. As for a leather shoe or bootie sky’s the limit, everyone probably has a leather boot in their closet but why not try a pattern or textured style it adds some fun to your footwear and outfit!

Let me know what piece your most excited to incorporate into your fall wardrobe this season !

Have a great day guys!



Photos By: Tim

Dress: Zara, Shoes: Forever21

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