Hounds-tooth and Gingham



Well hello hello, how was everyone’s weekend?? Tim and I were in Seattle and had a grand time! the weather was so lovely, it didn't rain until we left which was lucky cause it was supposed to rain all day Sunday but we managed to escape it. This morning I just kinda chilled out and went to the gym and that's why the blog didn't go up at its usual time, sorry about that guys but sometimes you just got to go to the gym and sometimes you just need to sleep past 6am and I did both and it was quite nice!

its a rainy Monday and I love it, there’s something so relaxing about the rain, (that is if you haven't had it in a while.) The rain just makes my want to stay inside and read a book or binge watch old movies with a cup of coffee! You don't feel bad about doing absolutely nothing!

Hound's-tooth and Gingham turned out to be a lovely combo, what do you guys think, do you like it? Tim liked it but he also liked a glittered pair of Van’s sneakers he bought me once…lol not my favorite.

If we deconstruct this outfit you’ll see its actually quite basic! The yellow gingham skirt kinda has a grunge look to it, specially since it has silver side zips and because its a mini skirt but because I paired it with a tailored gingham blazers and a roll-neck it actually comes across quite polished (trust me guys, it took all my will power not to wear a graphic-tee with this outfit…lol.) Lets not forget the beaded mini bag which adds the perfect feminine touch!

If your trying to look more polished or professional you want clean lines and modest silhouette, I would say what I’m wearing is the Kar version of modest…lol its not usually smoothing I strive for but occasionally like to switch it up!

Let me know what you guys think, do like it?



Phots By: Tim white

Skirt: forever21, Bag: Zara, Blazer: Forever21, Boots: Asos (similar linked below), Turtleneck: Zara

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