Fall is Coming


Singing in the Rain

Good Morning guys, or well I guess its good afternoon! I had a bit of a late start today, I didn't manage to pull my ass out of bed till 7 am and then I just pissed about for a bit until I decided that I need to get it together and start working on the blog! I am exhausted, Tim, Jack and I went down to Kamloops over the weekend and what should have been a simple 3.5-hour drive turned into 9-hour drive due to a serious of unfortunate events, we didnt arrive on till 7:30pm on Starurday night and then spent the rest of the evening visitng and eatting and drinking and then went to bed around 12am, which isnt to bad, thats not why Tim and I are so tired this morning. The reason whey we are so bloody tired is cause Tim kept getting calls from work throughout the night, the calls started at 2:30 am and went till about 6:30am ... so we got about 2 hour sleep Saturday night which is why we are so tired today, cause we didnt arrive home till about 9pm Sunday. But I will say the trip was worth it, it was so nice to see everyone and spend time with family even if we were crazy tired, Austens birthday party was a blast she just the cutest little girl ever!

The weather was super rainy and overcast which was a good thing, there are so many wildfires going on we needed a break from the heat, and it also made it easier shotting fall outfits ...lol

It's just about that time again, when our work schedules go back to normal and kids and go back to school, no more short work weeks or leaving early to head to the lake... next weekend is labor day which is the last long weekend of the summer, it's kinda the last horrah everyone has before we start getting back to the "Normal" work life. For me, it marks the beginning of the fashion month which I couldn't be more thrilled about !! !! I will be working all of the labor day weekend so I could have the following week off for New York Fashion! Why I love fall so much is mailnly due to the fact that I get to start wearing clothing again, I love dressing for fall and seeing all the new fall prodcut come out, its like my Christmas !

If fashion week isn't your jam, there are still other fun events to look forward too like, UFC fight Mcgregor vs Khabib, who isn't excited for that? The tickets sold out in 3 mins... crazy! There's also Comicon October 12-14th, and so much more. So if your sad that summer is coming to an end, don't be because there's always something fun to look forward to, summer shouldn't be the only time of the year that we get to have a good time!

What are you looking forward to most this fall??  



Photos By: Tim White

Dress: Zara, Shoes: Forever21, Bag: Zara, Coat: Shein

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