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Made forWalking

Happy Friday guys!! I'm super excited for the weekend cause we are heading down to Kamloops for my nieces birthday and I can't wait to see everyone! I'm most excited to see my cutie of a niece cause she is just so adorable and I miss her so much, I mean I miss everyone else too, but I miss her the most

I just need to pick up here birthday present today and then we are G2G, oh and we will be taking JAck down who is Tim brother, hes never been to kamloops, so it will be nice to show him around !

Over the knee boots made a massive comeback last year and I mean massive comeback. Personally, I don't really think they ever went out of style but like every good trend, they do have a cycle and a high in popularity. 

Can you still wear "Over the Knee Boot"? Well, I say yes, you can wear whatever you please with footwear, I don't think there's a right or a wrong style to wear. With the "Over the Knee Boot", I will say I have personal favorites, one being the leather and the other being colored fabric styles that were popularized by Balenciaga's fall collection last year! 

One of my ultimate favorite ways to wear them is usually with a super baggy t-shirt or sweater, its one of my go-to outfits come fall and winter. You can do "Over the Knee Boots" with skirts like the one I'm wearing here or you could rock them with denim/leggings. I do prefer to wear them with dress and skirt combo cause I have such a short torso, when I wear "Over the Knee Boots" with pants I just look really stout  

These are my top 6 pairs of "Over the Knee Boots"  and I would probably say that the snake print and the pink ones are my faves! Which is your favorite and will you be rocking these super fly "Over the Knee Boots" this season?



Photos By: Tim White

Skirt: Zara, Boots: Spring (similar linked below), Belt: Dollskill, Sweater: Zara (similar linked below)

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