How to Rock the Bold and the Beautiful Check & Plaid Prints this Season


Good Morning guys! How was everyone's weekend?? I worked Saturday and on Sunday Tim, Jack and I went to Garibaldi lake for a hike, it's about 5 hours there and back and its a 2.5-hour drive to it, so it pretty much took up the whole day but it was good crack I'm pretty sure jack almost died going up it... lol, Tim stayed behind with him and I continued up the trail due to my competitive nature and  I didn't want anyone to pass me, and its hard to keep your momentum if you keep stopping, you just need to push through and then pain and the wheezing subsides and you get your second wind !

Now I wasn't a total jerk I did stop at the 3/4 mark which is about 6k up and waited for them, but only so I could give jack a hard

Check and Plaid, I love love love these two prints and what I'm super excited about is that this season you can find them in so many fun colors, and styles. Check/Plaid is all about how fun and unique you can make it, sky's the limit and there's no right or wrong when it comes to wearing these two iconic prints!

I personally love mixing bold prints and colors, which is what I decide to do here, I couldn't just pick one i had to do both. The reason why this works is bcause both prints have corresponding colors in them, the skirt has green in it and the shirt has yellow in it! 

You can kinda do whatever you please with these two prints, you can go super preppy, or business casual, or edgy, and I decided to go edgy by pairing it with my patent leather biker boots and black backpack and a green and gold belt!  I've linked some of my favorite plaid/check pieces that could fit into all 3 of those categories. One of my favorites is the check orange and beige shirt that I linked, probably cause it reminds me of the Balenciaga one that is just a few thousand dollars  more

How will you guys be wearing these two prints this season?



Photos By: Tim White

Skirt: Zara, Shirt: Zara, Bag: Dollskill (similar linked below), Belt: Dollskill, Shoes: Zara (similar linked below)

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