Making Decisions- Part 2


Good morning guys! It's a glorious Wednesday morning and it's a sunny one! The sky has been quite hazy in Vancouver due to all the forest fires, that's why it has looked quite grey outside, its actually still super hot and muggy it just looks like its overcast.

I thought I did give you an update on last Tuesday's blog post. Basically, I was deciding on whether or not I should go back to work, and I was struggling with this decision cause I was afraid that if I did go back to work that a few things  that I've been working on would take a back seat and work would kinda take over, which is what has always happened in the past. I've never been great setting boundaries when it comes to work and I guess that was because it was my career and I was willing to do whatever it took to succeed and I also thought that you had to give up things to succeed like it had to be hard, if life is to easy your doing something wrong.
I'm working on shifting that mindset on learning how to say no and set boundaries which is hard for me, but I'm getting better at it. You can be successful and have fun doing it!

I've decided to go back to work, this is my first week back!  The reason why I said yes to go back was due to a plan and schedule that I came up with for work and all things outside of work! It was important to me and necessary that I still had time work on all the projects that I have going on outside of work as well as have personal time, time for family and friends, and of course time for me and Tim! I will still be working on my blog, designing my clothing, and I'm working on a youtube channel which I'm super excited about!  

So hopefully everything goes to plan but of course, there will be those days and weeks when it feels like its too much and everything is going wrong because hey that's life and we all have those struggles!  But for now, I'm excited to see where all of this goes and how well I keep on top of my schedule!

Have a great day guys!



Photos By: Tim White

Dress: Asos (similar linked below) Shoes: Asos (similar linked below), Jacket: Aritzia (similar linked below), Belt: Vintage

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