The Really Wide Leg Pant


Good Morning guys, hows everyone doing on this lovely tuesday? We made it through Monday lol! Some people dreaded Monday but I don't really mind it, when it comes to working I love Monday, I would say my least favorite day would be Friday.. probably cause it has all these expectations that its supposed to be great.. its like New Year's Eve or your Birthday, you hype it up in your mind so much that when the day comes its kind of a let And that's why I like to treat all my days equal so there are no intentional dad days!

How to rock the really wide leg pant or as I say the exaggerated wide leg, others may refere to them as Gaucho pants. These can be a bit tricky to wear.. depending on your hight, if your on the petit side youll wont to be extra carefull with what you wear this style of pant with otherwise may loose your body in all the If plan on wearing a croped style like what I have on, I would suggest wearing them with a bit of a heel, it will help elogate your legs and not make you look stout, if there full lenth you can can do a flat shoe but I would make sure it has a bit of a point toe again for the whole elongagtion, and if your tall you pretty much wear what ever shoe you like lol!

Everytime I wear these pants people always ask if its a skirt or pants cause when I'm standing still it can be hard to tell!

Quik tip, because you're wearing so much fabric on the bottom you will want to streamline the top and keep it more on the fitted side, this will give the illusion of a super small waist specially if you add a belt!

Why I love wearing this style of pant for 2 reasons, 1 its crazy comfy and 2 its super dramatic! I found a few of my favorite styles in the super wide leg pant! i hope you like and let me know what ye think !!




Photos By: Tim White

Pants: Oak & Fort, Top: Zara, Belt: Vintage (similar linked below), Shoes: Zara (similar linked below), Bag: Dollskill

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