The Bum Bag/ Fanny Pack


Good Morning guys!! How was everyone's weekend ?? Tim and I had a grand time, we went and saw The Meg!! it scared the bejesus outta me but I still enjoyed it! Saturday we went car shopping and it was no bueno, we didn't find anything I/We liked so the search continues!

Bum bag or Fanny pack you can call them either or, these bags are still going strong and will continue into the fall season. So fear not you can still wear your fave bum bag and not have to worry if it's in or out of fashion and if you haven't picked one of these wonderous bags up yet there's still time for you! Whats so great about them is that they won't cost you an arm and a leg to get one, you can find them at your local retailer for under 20$ or you could go big a grab one from one of your favorite designers!

I've linked 6 of my favorite bum bags, I prefer a  dressier style of a bum bag, I'm not really into the sports style only cause I don't think they match anything I really wear but I do love them! I've found a few colors and patterns just to spices it up a bit so I hope you like them! The trick to wearing them is to not get them too big if they're too big they just look awkward when you wear them and they can make you look big if you're wearing them around your waist!

Have fun with them Bum bag, I love them, they're super easy to wear and they keep your shit safe!




Photos By: Tim White

Shirt: Zara, Shirt: Old (similar linked below), Shoes: Zara, Fanny-pack: Zara

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