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Well Hello, guys whos excited for Friday …? I kinda am, I think tonight we are going to go see the movie The Meg. I'm so so excited cause I just love shark movies so much, probably cause I'm obsessed sharks, so much so that even my bathroom shower curtain has a picture of a Great White on it...lol. Having a dork moment, I did some research on the Megladon. The Megalodon which is what the movie is about is a prehistoric shark that is around 59FT long (just for reference the largest Great White would average  20FT)  and lived around 23million years ago!! So its safe to say that I'm super duper excited to see this movie !!!

Now that I've chatted your ear off about sharks we can talk about something else!

Recently We have been looking into buying another vehicle and when I say we I mean Tim...lol, I just haven't really been participating in the vehicle search... and it's driving him a little mental probably cause the vehicle is going to be primarily driven by me and he would prefer if I showed some interest... We currently have 2 Vehicles, a Land Rover and Tims work car and because I will be doing a lot of commuting to the downtown in the near future, Tim is worried that if I drive the Land Rover something bad is going to happen to it, not cause I'm a shit driver....but because everyone else is...lol

Tim is convinced that the Land Rover will get all banged up and dented from parking in the downtown and I gotta say I kinda understand why he would think that. I mean parking your vehicle downtown Vancouver is like signing its death certificate, people just don't really have good spacially awareness and tend to hit your car with their car doors, or love tap when they're trying to park, they pretend like it never happened and go about their day...lol

Now because it's going to be strictly a commuter car or as some may call it a daily driver, I was thinking a Smart Car would be a viable option along with a Mini, Beatle, and a C230. I'm leaning more towards the Smart Car just cause they are so economical on gas and get crazy mileage which means I'll save a tone of money and will be able to spend it on the important things like new clothes ...lol

That's it guys thats what we shall be doing this weekend, looking at new cars, and going to see The Meg! If you guys have any suggestions on some cute commuter cars that are economical let me know!

Have a great Weekend !



Phots By: Tim White

Dress: Forever21, Shoes: Zara, Backpack: Vintage

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