The New and Improved Little Black Dress


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Well well its a lovely Tuesday morning here in Vancouver, I hope you all are a having a fab day so far!! I'm so nackered I was working late till about 12pm and then back up 5:30 so I'm currently on my 4th coffee of the day and I tell ya it aint doin shit! I suppose I should be thanking my lucky stars cause I'm not sneezing every 2 seconds and sniffling today and my eyes aren't swollen … I've been looking like Quasimodo …lately  cause my eyes have been so itchy and red and  swollen its been interesting !!! I was in the library yesterday and someone told me to be quiet cause I was sneezing too much … lol, I was like I cant help it... im sorry

The Little Black Dress

I've forgotten how much I love to wear black, this use to be my uniform a few years back and I thinking I be taking it back up !! Black has the ability to be either frumpy and dull or super sexy and edgy! Lately its been seen as the ladder of the two but I think its making a comeback and you heard it hear first

There's so many fun new versions of the LBDs and I'm obsessed and trust me have one of these tucked away in your closet will save your ass!! The one I have on has done just that this passed month... there's been a few occasions where I've needed to get ready and look decent on the fast and every time when I'm panicking like WTF what am I going to wear.... this dress pops into my mind so much so that I'm think about investing into a few more of this kinda fun and unique LBDs ! I bought this on a win cause it was a good price and I have bought very few dresses this season so I thought why not ?

These dresses all might be black but there all very unique and fun their not the typical "LBDs" and that's what add some flare to so called boring black dress! Black can look super chic and polished if need for an event or it can be cute and fun for like a Sunday brunch or edgy and sexy  with a structured cut and lots of metal embellishments witch is my personal fave!! 

Whats your guys go to uniform that never fails you when your in bind... for unexpected events your a night out and so on? Is it the Little Black Dress or something else? Id love to know!

Photos By: Tim White

Dress: Zara (similar linked below), Shoes: Riverisland (similar linked below), Bag: Vintage (similar linked below) Earrings: Zara (similar linked below) 

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