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Good Morning guys!!! I'm feeling extra chipper this morning cause my allergies are at bay .. for the moment anyway.. who would have thought allergies could have that much of an effect on your life.. I know allergies can be extreme but I've never had them before so its frustrating when you cant do anything to fix them or make them go away … lol but they seemed to have pissed off today so for that I'm happy!!

This has been my current uniform for the past month ….. I love men's oversized suit blazers, some might say I have a slight obsession... those some people are Tim cause his space in our wardrobe keeps getting smaller and smaller, due to my repeat purchases of these items...lol

One of the reasons I love them so much is that there a bit different looking on a women's frame, cause men tend to be broader across the chest and slimmer through the hips and women are the opposite for the most part, so when you wear a men's suit blazer it creates this androgens silhouette which I adore !!! 

If I wearing a slip dress or very fitted clothing and then throwing on one of my oversized suit blazers cause it adds a nice contrast and uniqueness to an outfit that you wont see most people sporting! I like to look a bit different and I'm not sure if you noticed but I don't like to look to cute either so a mans blazer takes that away.. lol

I also love men's denim, T-shirts, Dress Shirts, Waist Coats, Belts and Hoodies. I usually shop the men's section for all of the above or I just steel Tim's....lol. I rounded up a few of my favorite oversized suit blazers and knowing that not everyone would like the mens styles I added in a few from the womens section as well!!

The Best Men's Suit Blazers

For the most part I thrift all my Men's Suit Blazers cause I like the old styles better and there cheaper which is an added bonus! I took one of friends vintage shopping and I made her try one on and she was hooked and made her first Mens Suit Blazer purchase ! Let me now what you guys think !! Do  you like this style !!???

Photos By: Tim White

Dress: Aritzia (similar linked below), Shoes: Old (similar linked below), Blazer: Vintage (similar linked below), Backpack: Zara (similar linked below)

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