6 Basic T-shirts you need in your Wordrobe




Happy Friday!!! Any big plans for the weekend guys? Tim and I are going hiking and camping... I'm excited and scared for, cause we hike into where we are camping and it's a long ass hike that is mostly uphill and its fucking hard, especially when you're doing it with a 50lb rucksack on your back... I just about died doing this last year. The only reason why I didn't stop, was due to my competitive nature and me not wanting to let a child and oldish man pass me out ( he was probably my dad's age so late 50's)... lol. The hike is by the Whistler area so we are heading up this evening and will spend the night in the vehicle so we can get the jump on the hike in the early AM!

I think we underestimate the basic, I know I did! When you say basic, most of us don't really want to spend a lot of money on it cause its a "Basic", there's nothing special about it so why would i pay X-amount of dollars for this, which is what I use to do too, until I realized I had to keep rebuying these "Basics" and soo it started to add up. So I thought why not trying to invest in some good basics and see what happens!

I would never spend more than 15$ to 20$ on a basic but when you need to rebuy them 3/4 times a year, you actually start to spend more money on something that you were trying to save money on!  I started small and picked up a Race-Back ribbed tank-top from Aritzia for 50$, which was hard cause I knew that I could find the same thing for 10$ at like Zara. I was thinking how mad I was to be spending 50$ on this basic tank, 5 months later the tank-top still looks new! It's still white, it's not off-grain, it's not stretched out, it hasn't shrunk, it literally looks as good as the day I bought it!

6 Basics that you should have in your Wardrobe

1) The Oversized: This fit in the basic is essential for the grab and go, you can rock it with legging, denim, and looks super cool with a bunch of jewelry (like what I did here.) 

2) The Sleeveless: I like these under fitted blazers cause that way you don't get that sleeve bunch under your jacket, which dives me bananas.

3) The Box Fit: If your rocking high waisted denim, shorts, trousers anything really, you're going to want this cause it's easier to tuck in and won't add to your waistline.

4) The Race Back: This is super popular this year, it honestly looks amazing with everything, and adds so serious eddy but laid back vibes to your outfit. If you're a professional you can definitely rock this under a blazer and do the smart casual thing!

5) The Fitted:  When you need to be a little bit more on the dressy side, the fitted basic will be your go to, cause it looks more sophisticated while not being over the top, looks great with structured items.  

6) The V-neck: Just cause sometimes a crew neck is, well just too stuffy, the v-neck is super complimenting on all body types, especially if you have a shorter torso like me! You could wear this out on a casual evening out and look effortlessly chic!

Some of my to-go places for my basics are, Aritzia, Acne Studios, Urban Outfitters, Asos, Nordstrom, I'm sure there's more but I just can't think of any right now.

Have a great Friday and weekend, guys! 

Photos By: Tim White

Pants: I am Gia, Shoes: Zara, Top: ACNE Studios, Sunglasses: Zara, Bag: Forever21

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