Transitional Clothing


Good morning guys!! How's everyone doing on this fine day ??? Tim and I were in Kamloops all weekend spending some time with family and friends, we had a lot of fun!! We took my dad out to a Club/Pub kinda hybrid thing on Saturday night... It was crazy... Ive never actually seen my dad dance before.. lol

Its that awkward time of year for clothing,  everything's on sale and  the pre fall collection is being launched in stores and its still to hot to even think about wearing fall clothing but you don't really want to buy summer clothes cause they're about to expire soon.... so its like how do I do this  ? It got me thinking specially cause I love fall clothing, its honestly my favorite season.... for shopping that is, spring is runner 

What I do or look for when shopping "right now",  I look for items that can transition between summer and fall, if I'm buying something I generally want to wear it now and not have to wait 2 months for the next season. The dress that I'm wearing is a super light weight cotton that will keep me cool in that 27+ weather but I will also be able to wear it when it starts to get cooler out, this is definitely an easy transitional piece. In the fall and even the winter I could layer this with a jack or a sweater or a long lined cardigan and put on some stockings and I'm good to go! What makes this is a transitional piece and why I'm able to wear it in the summer and then fall is due to the fabric and the color/pattern. I already said that its a light weight cotton so it will keep you cool, but the pattern/color is what makes it a transitional piece cause its leopard print which is good to wear all year round and the color is a deeper hue, if this was light color it would probably make it a strictly spring/summer item.

I found 6 dress that you'll be able to rock right now and in the fall and even the winter... depending on wear you live Things you want to look for and pay attention to when picking transitional items for your wardrobe is  the color and the cut, you don't want to do anything to light and try and keep the length to mid or lower unless you find something with sleeves then you can do a shorter hem line, like the one I linked above ! Oh and  just so you know you can  homestly do any patter like, florals, polka dots, paisleys prints or even embroidery just make sure the color is on the darker side and youll be grand! 

Photos By: Tim White

Dress; Zara, Shoes: Zara, Bag: Thrifted, Sunglass Zara

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