Staying on a Budget: 5 outfits under 100$


Good morning/ Afternoon everyone!!! I hope everyone had a grand long weekend and to everyone who didn't have a long weekend ...Im I hope your regular weekend was grand !!!

I'm doing another post on budget shopping, I think Im going to make this a regular feature on the blog.. let me know what ye think... do like it, yes or no  or no ? If ye don't then I wont do another post like this lol

I love a good deal, nothing makes me happier then to find something I love that's a fair price, I don't think it should cost an arm and a leg to look good all it take is a little imagination and some planning! Everything that I'm wearing cost less then 100$; Top was 5$, skirt was 20$, the belt was 15$ and the boots were 60$ which was the most expensive item but none the less total cost for everything was  100$. 

How do I stay on 100$ budget? Well I usually start with one statement pieces that's  a little bit unique and different, ill allow it to be a bit on the more expensive side and then ill build around it. For example, outfit #1 that I have listed below I started with the dress and then from there I found sale items that would compliment it and that's how I build a chic outfit for 100$ or less ! You just need to way out cost vs worth how much are you will to spend on something and is it worth it? Will you get your monies worth … if the answer is yes then make the purchase...if the answers no... then put it down and walk away


1) Out and About

2) Date Night

3) Edgy Vibes

4) Smart Casual

5) Sunday

I would probably wear all of these to work with the exception of #2 but that's cause I don't work in an office setting I work in "Fashion" and were a bit more liberal with our dress codes lol!

Let me what which ones your guys favorite !!

Photos By: Tim White

Skirt: Zara, Belt: Boohoo (similar linked below) Boots: Zara, Top: Thrifted (similar linked below)

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