Instagram- The Trials and Tribulations


Good morning folks, its hump day !! I think that's a horrible name by the way, I feel like we could find a better name for Wednesday... I don't know what yet but I'll think of I finally went back to the gym on Monday...but I went a little to hard and have been struggling ever since... I could barely walk every time I went to sit down I had to brace myself its so sad. I was hoping that I would be better today and woke up at 4:30am cause Tim and I were going to go to the gym together but I could still barley walk so no bueno for my gym session !!

Instagram...we all have it, we all use it. Lately I've been super obsessed with it, its the first thing I look at when I wake up and the last thing I check when I go bed. Every time I do a post I'm always wondering what if no one likes it, what if my captions shit … and so on or was that the best time to post, maybe I should have waited an hour and it would have done better …. (Instagram algorithm ) I know its sad. I'm thinking those things in a figrative sense not specifically about me, its more about the content that I'm putting put out in to the world. If you took it personally I think it could wreck you.. "omg no one liked my photo" … and then from there you'd spiral down a million rabbit holes

Some people might think, "I don't care if no one likes my photos … that's just silly to think that's even an issue." Some people look for likes for self validation, the more likes you get the more people like you and so on. Person # 1, your right, it really doesn't matter how many people like your photos on Instagram, it doesn't make you better in your day to day life or  a better person in general but unfortunately most people do get frustrated over there likes and follows, they get competitive and obsessive over their Instagram accounts because some are trying to grow and build a brand and a business and you need followers and likes to do that. I've met some not so great people who have very large followings on this platform and when I say large I'm referring to 300k plus... and  higher and you think they'd be out going and happy to meet us common folk when we recognize them cause there in "Social" media and they're influencers who built a brand on their image and who they are as person. Well ya that's not always the case so any one out there who is trying to build a following and it feels like a never ending journey … trust me I feel the same way.... if these guys can make it make you can too!

Things that will drive you crazy about Instagram ..well one thing that drives me mental is the "follow, un-follow" scheme that people use to gain exposure. I understand why people do this … it does work, there are so many Instagram strategists that talk about this as being one of the methods to help increase your following and likes. I struggle with is idea cause I feel like its a bit disingenuous, it drives me bananas when I see my following go up and decrease by what ever number in a matter of I'd rather you just not follow me .....I don't know maybe its just me.... let me know what ya think, does this bother you when people do it to you or do you not care?

Branding and designer goods are on steroids on Instagram  … like do you ever wonder how some people afford to have a new Chanel or Dior bag all the time and designer clothing and shoes to match... cause I My answer to that is you just got to let it go, something my father taught me... lol! In most causes its been gifted or been given on a high discount or they sleep in a one bedroom apartment with 5 people so they can afford designer goods, or they're in some serious debt or they could just be wealthy .... or its rented or its a those are viable option! I've seen a lot of people live far beyond their means for the sake of their image … So don't feel bad if you cant or just wouldn't spend and waist money on those things casue a lot of it is just a hoax

People underestimate how much work Instagram can be... I mean think about those influencers that you like with millions of followers, their posting 2-3 times a day, along with their insta stories and all the other social media platforms they use. It's not always as simple as snap a picture and post... they put a lot of work in to their image; planning their posts and content, spending time trying to find locations, and then the editing of the photos, hours spent engaging on line, and so much more... the days of causal snap and post are gone.. that's if your trying to build a following. Ya their life looks awesome but you don't see everything... like the late nights filled with work, the never actually having a day off... Instagram is 24/7, all the public abuse some of them put up with from cyberbullies and trolls and that's just Instagram never mind their platforms on YouTube, twitter, blogging, snapchat, Facebook and so on. All those people with thousdands and millions of followers they worked hard to get there, cause if it was easy everyone would it. Just like the carer your in and successful at, it didn't come from putting out minimum effort it took a lot of hard work and sacrafice to be where you are!!


Photos By: Sade Thomason

Pants: Zara, Shirt: Asos, Belt: Vintage, Shoes: Oak & Fort, Bag: Vintage

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