Chatty Friday- My Scatty Behaviour


Its just the begining

Good morning guys, whos excited for Friday cause I am !! I'm actually so excited to sleep past 5:30am tomorrow I think Tim and  I need a bit of a lie in. This morning we were both talking about how excited we are to sleep in a bit… lol

I know todays post would typically be a trend post but I think I'm going to switch it up a bit and do another think piece.. lol yes that's what I call it....when I ramble on about random topics that pop into my head. Oh just encase you were wondering why I didn't post on Wednesday is cause I just wasn't very happy with the post so I scraped it and started over and posted it on Thursday instead and to be honest I'm still not 100% happy with it  but I just have to get over myself, its a learning experience.

This week I've been in a bit of a creative funk! I haven't been super happy with the content I've been putting out, I just feel like its just kinda all over the place so I've been thinking about what kind of content I would like to be putting out and what does that look like. I just kinda took a moment on Wednesday to reassess what direction I want to go in with the blog and how can I make it better not only the content but  the overall appearance of the blog. I decided to set some some goals and objectives, instead just putting out post after post and not really thinking big picture, which is really important and key to keeping me focused.

I've also been felling really scatty this week like just all over the place and mentally drained and exhausted, some of that is due to extreme allergies and sleeping  4-3hours a night. Just to give you guys and idea of just how "Scatty" I've been, heres a little story

I was doing a phot shoot yesterday in Gastown and Stanley park, I started at 8:30am and finished around 12:30pm and then started the journey back home. As I was driving I was looking for my phone and normally I keep in the center console but it wasn't there so I figure it was in my bag and I would just look for it when I arrived on home. I arrived home and I was just super sweaty and hot and desperately need to use the loo so I rushed up stairs with all my bags  and didn't take notice that I didn't have my phone. After I cooled off and took a sec I started to look for my phone and tore all my bags apart but there was no phone.. and then I thought, okay it must be in the car.  Then I popped back down stairs and looked through the car and propably went back and forth from the car to my apartment looking for my about 4 times... then I message Tim on FB and told him I cant find my phone so used the GPS tracking thing that we put on it and said its location was Gasstown… I thought.. there's no way, I definitely had it Stanley Park … I immediately thought  FUCK!!! If I left my phone in the park there's no way it would still be there... but I decided to hope back in my car and head back to Stanley Park which is about 45min drive if there's no traffic, it was about 2pm when I left which is coming on to  rush hour so I was not looking forward to the drive cause you have to go through the downtown.

I finally got the park at 3ish and ran to all the places that I was and asked a bunch of parks people but no phone …. so I was like bloody hell, how did I manage to loose my phone... ? To be honest I don't have the best track record with phones but that's cause I break them not cause I loos them. So anyway I hop back in my car and head home and the time was about 3:30ipm... I didn't arrive home till 5:30... bloody rush hour traffic was torture ...

I arrived  home messaged Tim and was like no phone... I was so worried that some one had it that I log on to all my banking, social media and PayPal accounts and changed the password... there was a very small chance that they would all ready have access to that info cause I have a pass code on my phone and it was dead but better safe the sorry. 

I started making dinner and I was pissed.. I lost my phone and almost a full days worth of work .. meaning I was going to have to work through the night … I wasn't in the greatest mood. Tim arrived home at like 6pm, we talked about how shitty it was that I lost my phone and he gave me a hug and  then magically made my phone appear !!! I was like "WHAT!!!!  How did you find it ? I checked the car 4 times maybe even more ... .." He said "Did you look down the seat...? casue that where it was..." as he shakes his head and laughs at

Well lets just say I'm some kinda special … I  got my phone back at least, I didn't loose it but cause I was so special I did ended up working late...  I called it quits at about 11pm and decide it was a good idea to go to bead!! So that's what I mean when I say ive been so scatty lately …lol

Now that I'm down rambling, I thought I'd ask you guys what you would like or prefer to see on the blog? More life style, beauty, health and fitness and or fashion and trends and let me know if there's anything you want me to post and talk about that I haven't yet !!

Photos By: Tim White

Shorts: Asos (similar linked below), Blosue: Zara (similar linked below), Bag: Zara (similar liked below) Sunglasses: H&M, Shoes: Zara (similar linked below)

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