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Good morning !!! Today I thought I'd share with you a bit of what I'm working on outside of the blog! Fashion is something that I've been into since I was little girl. Every few months when my mom could afford to buy each of her 3 girls a new outfit, we'd go to the shop and I would  usually pick out something that I could cut and sew into a new outfit and lets just say that didn't go over to well with my it didn't always turn I would spend hours watching fashion television and sketching clothing and researching my favorite designers, trying to figure out how they made it! I started working around 11 with paper routes and babysitting so I could save up and buy my first sewing machine. Instead of playing outside in the summer I was taking care of the neighbourhood kids and instead of sleeping in I was up at 5am delivery papers every morning. I did this for about 2 years and then I finally had enough money to buy my first sewing machine! 

Ill never forget my first sewing machine, it was this horrible green color... it was so old and ugly that I covered it with magazine cut-outs. My dad made me a make shift table so I had something to sew on and then I was in I would alter and make clothing for me and my sisters that we would  buy thrifting cause we didn't have the funds to buy new clothing specially for back to school. So my sisters and I would  spend hours in my bedroom sewing and cutting and making clothing. They were my models for when ever I needed to fit they always suffered form being poked by stick-pins and stepping on sewing needles.. quite often left (I had a bad habit of never picking up my pins and needles  till I needed them)

Throughout high school I would take extra sewing classes and would skip math or biology so I could sew... my teachers would often come in there and drag me out.. cause I was supposed to be their I started making dress and tops for my friends and would pull all nighters to sew, I actually preferred making clothing for other people instead of myself!

Once I was done with school I moved away and did collage, I created a clothing line called Kiki&Chels for the year end fashion show which got great reviews and I was even featured in the Vancouver Sun paper with a right up on the clothing line and picture that took up have the page …lol. I was so happy and tired and severely sick, I don't know how I made it through that time. After Collage I needed a job like asap and headed to Calgary and started working right away cause collage loans aren't cheap. I just started putting my dreams of creating my own clothing line on hold cause I was obsessed with making money and climbing the corporate ladder and there was a few other things that kinda took precedence but I'm not going to get into that.

10 years latter I'm finally working on a clothing line.. its super small and its in the very very beginning stages but I'm happy I'm finally doing it! Our extremely small apartment currently has 2 drafting tables and a sewing machine and a mannequin in it... poor Tim lol!! You work with what you got!

My day usually starts and 5:30am, I start blogging around 6am and then once that's done I start drafting, sketching, researching and creating my clothing line! This isn't something I really like to talk about cause I wanted it done before I started running my mouth about how " I'm creating my own clothing line" I feel like everyone I talk to is doing that starts be a bit sad and people are like, "suuureee you are.... ?" I wanted to wait to mention it till I had something to show you but I decided "fuck it" and thought I'd share this post with you! You'll be seeing some items soon on the blog, so I hope you like it!! 

Photos By: Sade Thomason

Denim: Vintage (similar linked below), Shoes: Zara, Backpack: Zara

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