Scarves, Why Not?

Good morning guys or good afternoon, its already Thursday ... man time fly's by..! Yesterday I spent the day in the bush with my father and that's why there wasn't any blog post.. we had no cell service/Wi-Fi.. out there We arrived back home around 7pm and I was dying to go thrifting so I took my but up to Value Village cause it as the only thrift store open at 7:30pm in Kamloops and I found a few things that I loved and made a purchase! Ill be sharing them on the blog soon! let me know if you guys would like if I did a post on how to thrift or where to thrift and ill get my shit together and do a blog post on it, cause you can find some great trend/time less pieces in the thrift shop if you have the penitents to look through all the aisle and aisles of clothing !

Scarves, why not? They come in so many lovely patters and colors that its hard not to buy a new one every time you come a cross one in the shop or online. Scarves are a fun piece to add to your outfit and can be worn several different ways ! I decide to tie mine around the neck here, but they can also be added to you bag as a decorative tie, tied in your hair, tied around your wrist as a bracelet or used as a belt if long enough, the scarf is guessed it... super versatile!

I've picked a few of my favorite scarfs that are super affordable and super easy to wear, all of which could be used anyway you see fit! How will you rock your summer scarf this season?


Phots by: Gena

Shoes: Fila, Jumpsuit: Asos (similar linked below), Bag: Thrifted (similar linked below), Scarf: Pennys (similar linked below)

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