Polka-Dots: Where to Get'Em and How to Wear'Em

Good morning to all, I'm currently in Kamloops visiting my family,  Mr. Tim is still in Ontario going strong with work. I flew in on Sunday and did a few arons, tidy up, did some cleaning ... the usual chores  and then I drove down on Monday and arrived in Kamloops at 5:30pm. The drive is about 3.5-4 hours depending on how fast you drive ...lol. Tim always get worried about me about doing the drive alone .. but its all good, I always get there in 1 piece !

Now its no surprise that I would be featuring a polka-dot outfit, polka-dots are everywhere and I love them, so there will be many more polka-dot outfits to come, I hope your excited...lol. The best thing about polka-dots other then them being fabulous, is that anyone can rock them... I mean anyone doesn't matter how old or young you are, the polka-dot has got ya covered, from bags, to tops, to blazers, to scarfs, pants, skirts and so much more, you can do colored polka-dots, oversized polka-dots, mix and match polka-dots, literally anything... sky's the limit! 

Some of my favorite trends with polka-dots is the mix and match and the colored polka-dots. With this outfit I decided to mix and match my polka-dots with the scarf and dress to create a fun contrast. Currently my favorite color scheme for polka-dot is green, I love the color so much cause its a bit unconventional for polka-dots. We've all seen polka-dots in the  traditional red, black, white, blue and so on but green is relatively new to the scene, and I'm digging it !

What's your favorite way to wear polka-dots this season? 

The Dress

The Blouse

Photos By: Gena

Dress: Asos (similar linked below) Shoes: Zara, Bag: Dollskill, Scarf: Zara

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