Dressing for that Cool Weather

Good morning!!! Its Monday!! Don't you just love Mondays.. Mondays = A New Week and who doesn't love a new week ? A new week means new opportunities and new possibilities,   but there is a chance that's just me talking shit cause I'm so happy that Tim's home ..lol. No.. guys its the truth, if you focus on the positives instead of the negatives in your life  you'll have a must better time ! 

Did everyone have a grand weekend?? What did you getup too??

Im not really sure what's going on with the weather lately but its playing games .. we went from 35 degrees to 20 degrees within a day.. and your so use to wearing virtually no clothes cause you just sweat when you leave the house you just kinda panic and don't know what to wear that you end up looking like its winter outside. I've seen so many people wearing there winter clothing ....its weird cause its supposed to be summer outside and its the end of June. I decide to rock a sweater but its in a summer color and  I went with some fabric shorts and boots cause I cant bring myself to wear sweaters and jeans at the sometime.. even though its cold its still summer lol

I love moderate weather because I love clothes and layering  and I find moderate weather the easiest to dress for ! If your wondering what to wear during this weird cool spell of weather we've got going on, your in luck cause I've  some suggestions! The sweater is your savour, you can throw it on over everything.. shorts a dress, jumpers and so on, and if you get to hot during mid day when the sun decides to come out for a bit just take it off and through it over shoulders or tie it around your waist and you are G2G!

Photos By: Tim White

Sweater: H&M (similar linked below), Boots: Zara, Shorts: River Island (similar linked below), BackPack: Zara (similar linked below) 

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