Thrifting Key Pieces for the Season

Good Morning Guys, how's everyone doing on this lovely Thursday morning ?? Todays the day that Jack and Jancinta arrive, I will be picking them up from the airport tonight at 10pm provided all goes well through customs… I'm sure everything will be grand, I have faith lol! Today I have a few loose ends I need to attend to with the apartment to make it visitor friendly lol.  I popped to shop to pick them up some food … lol its so funny there shopping list.....Coco Pops, Chicken Nuggets, Nutella.. I figured they'd need more then that so I also picked them up some Pizzas and Pizza pops.. lol I cant remember the last time I had a pizza pop! 

Lately I've been obsessed with thrifting I like finding unique and affordable fashion pieces at the thrift stores. Just and FYI thrifting does take a bit time, effort and patiences so I like to create a list of must haves before I enter the store so I don't lose all train of thought from being overwhelmed by the never ending rows of unorganized clothing … The best pieces to thrift for in my opinion are                     1) Accessories/Bags, 2) T-shirts, 3) Denim, 4) Jackets. This is a great time to thrift for fashions cause there's been such a big 90's revival that you don't have to look to hard for great trend pieces! For example the micro Bag/beaded bag/crochet bags can all be found in your local Value Village for a fraction of the retail price and its going to be original ! When thrifting denim you can find some great Levis, Wrangles, Tommy what ever floats for boat, when I'm looking for baggy or oversized fit 9/10 times I hit up the thrift store to see whats poppin and I'm never disappointed, I recently picked up a vintage pair of Levis in light stone wash color for 4$ … that's amazing! They will be making an appearance on the blog soon! You want some nice tailored blazer or jackets trust the thrift store has got you covered, head over to the mens section and you wont be disappointed all of my long tailored blazers are from the men's section in the thrift stores !

Photos By: Gena

Shoes: Zara, Bag: Vintage (similar linked below) Dress: Zara (similar linked below), Belt: Vintage (similar linked below)

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