My top Denim Picks for the Summer

Good morning everyone! I'm back in Vancouver today for good reason,  I have bunch of errands to run I need to get everything kosher for Jack and Jacenta.. they arrive tomorrow....!!! This morning is up at 5:30am trying to fit in a morning work out before the day starts and I was dying... my allergies got the best of me and I had to call it quits... I didn't have allergies till I moved to Vancouver and they're driving me bananas. It honestly gets so bad that I just start sneezing uncontrollably and im a sniflly mess and my eyes just wont stop watering... I guess its time to get some allergy medicine.. which I've been trying to avoid.. . cause I don't want to admit that I have

Oh and great news I found out Tim will be home late Friday night !!! I'm super excited we haven't been home together in 3 months..

Now I have an uncontrollable love for denim, you guys know this and just cause its 35 degrees outside doesn't mean I'm going to stop wearing! I wanted to share with you some of  my favorite pieces for the summer season. I'm obsessed with light washed denim, I just cant get enough of it I think it looks amazing with a nice white top, this currently my go to outfit this season! Most people think denim is too heavy to wear through the summer when the climate reaches crazy hot temperatures, but I don't think that's true.  So because I love denim and couldn't imagine not being able to wear it, I look for lighter twills in a looser fit and I'm good to go. I can wear denim all year round !

I thought Id add in a few candid shots so I hope you like !

Photos By: Gena

Jacket: Zara, Shoes: Old (similar linked below), Bag: Vintage (similar linked below), Skirt: Zara

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