The Presures of Social Media

Its like I woke up and decided to dress like some one from the movie The Craft is one on my favorite movies by the way.. after watching this movie I went out and bought every magic book I could get my little hands on There's no need to talk about the weather in this intro you can already tell that its bloody gorgeous out!

The Pressures of social media is on hyper status now a days, with the likes of Instagram and YouTube leading the way. All you see is highlight reals of these perfect people living their best life's, sporting designer clothing, crazy trips and vacations, beautiful cars and etcetera. I remember I was showing my sister some of the people that I love on Instagram and you-tube and she asked me if I ever felt pressured to look and act a certain way.. and the answer is yes... sometimes I do feel insecure and I'm unhappy with everything and othertimes I'm perfectly happy with who I am, but that takes work and I do know that not everything is as it seems and nobody is perfect ….nobody! Even knowing that, doesn't always mean that you will be come less critical of yourself but there's no point on focusing on the incontrollables, I mean ya sometimes I think if I was just a little thinner, richer,  prettier, had better hair, funnier, or maybe if my knees didn't look like a persons face when I'm standing straight, things might be better....  and people would like me more … If some one cant love you at your worst then they don't deserve at your best! And Even those people you see on Instagram and YouTube that seem so perfect  go through the same thing everything body has insecurities and issues there dealing with!

Over coming the pressure

I like to keep good people around me, having a good support system is important, when ever I'm acting crazy Tim and my family and friends are there to talk me off the ledge  .. it was funny I was out for dinner with a friend we were talking about this same subject and I was like dude  I cant change my face, this is what I look like ...the thought does cross my mind now and The point is you don't have to look and act like everyone else, what's wrong with being yourself ? People will eventually sift through the bullshit and find out the truth so why not just be upfront about who your are and own it and if they don't like you then "F" them!  

Practicing selflove takes a consistent effort and everyone has there own version. For some people it might be at the gym and eating healthy, or maybe its with relationships and experiences, or getting out there and being apart of your community or its a good book, or dancing all night to great music! We all have things that we like to practice in our daily lives that makes us feel good! When every I feel self doubt creeping in I like to do something that makes me feel good about myself and sometimes it is the gym or its a long conversation with a good friend or visiting my family or even just selfreflection that helps me rest any ill feelings I'm having about my current image/life. Once you submit to your so called "Flaws and Insecurities"  an own them you become free and have so much more time to focus on things that really matter to you!

Photos by: Gena

Skirt: Aritzia, Vest: Vintage (similer linked below), Shoes: Zara, Bag: Vintage (similar linked below)

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