Silk Pieces You'll Love to Wear this Season

Well good morning guys or well I guess its! I hope everyone had a lovely fathers day and a grand weekend! I Drove down to Kamloops on Sunday morning to spend the rest of the day with dad and take him out for fathers day dinner, we both ate and drank till we couldn't walk, we had a grand time! 

Coming up this week we have Jack and Jacenta arriving on Thursday which means I need to get my butt in gear and get some stuff sorted before they get here ! Super excited for them to come, the weather has been amazing  so it will be so much fun showing them around Vancouver and doing some site-seeing touristie things, hopefully Mr. Tim will be home by then!!

I absolutely adore silk, its always my choice of fabric every time I'm in the fabric stores I pick up some new swatches I have so much silk fabric at home its insane, I just love love love it ! Silk is not to get confused with satin which is also beautiful but its synthetic fiber instead of natural fiber so satin will make ya sweat in those hotter climates,  if you can silk is the way to go but honestly most people cant tell the difference between the 2 by looking at it, its when you touch it that you notice the difference, so satin is a-okay with me.

Why do I love silk... ? Well silk has a very regal and edgy look depending on how you wear it which is why I love it so much its super versatile and its just something a little different and brings a bit of something extra to the outfit,  why not be When I wear silk or satin I like to keep it in neutrals and earth tones just cause in think it looks class ! now I would advise to get a slip dress to go underneath if your wear a dress that's on the more fitted side this will create a nice drape over the body specially since silk/satin aren't very forgiving fabrics which is why I almost always wear a jacket when I'm wearing a silk dress




Photos By Gena

Dress: Zara (similar linked below), Jacket: Vintage (similar linked below), Shoes: Asos, Bag: Vintage (similar linked below) 

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