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Well good  morning guys! I hope everyone is enjoying there Saturday morning, the sun came out to paly today so its going to fin day! Yesterday I had a bit of crazy morning. Yah know how I was talking about the power washing situation that was going on in the building next to me, well yesterday was our turn and I had no idea that the balcony need to be cleared off, and well lets just say we use our balcony for storage... I had to move 2 kayaks, 4 sets of tires, some kind of weird tool things Tim had out there and some plants … it was a bit much to do by myself cause Tims not here, luckily one of the building maintenance fellows was so kind to offer me some help otherwise it would have taking me all bloody day get rid of everything lol

After that situation was over I had to pop to the shop to return a few things and I stumbled in to Zara and realized that they had a sale going on!!! I honestly count down the days to the Zara sale, its my favorite. I was extremely happy to find out that It started early this year!! Normally the Zara sale doesn't start till July so they rolled it out 2 weeks early which is A-Okay with me!! I of course bought a few things !

A few tricks to the Zara sale, as the sale goes on it gets cheaper .. they do price reduction usually on the Wednesday of each new week, and all stores have different selection as well! So if your patient and can hold out a bit on certain items they will become further reduced specially since they do not do price adjustments.....and they will also add new items to their sale so always check back in store or online! 

Here are some of my top picks for the Zara sale !








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