Sport Wear is Fashion

Good morning guys, I finally went to the grocery store yesterday and picked up a few things like food so I could feed myself, literally all I had in my fridge was orange juice and hot sauce … anyone who knows me knows I'm not a fan grocery shopping … but I caved in on the account of me being so hungry so I had some eggs for breaky! Usually I'm awake and ready for the day by 6am and start work at 7am  I like to give myself a hour to get sorted have some coffee and figure out the day but lately its been so noise outside cause they're power washing the building next to me that that I'm going mental from the constant noise, I cant here myself think. Here I am trying to drink my coffee and gather my thoughts before the day begins and all I hear are massive machines moving forward and backward as they wash the building … why cant they start at like 7am after I've had my coffee. Oh and the icing on the cake was this man in his BMW honking his horn excessively at window washer people at 6:30 this morning, I guess he need to tell them that they were to loud but I'm like hey buddy your worse right now and even if you do yell and shout at them they aren't going to stop … that's they're job lol anyways its just first world problems, its not that bad just more annoying then anything !

More Sports Wear … lol I wouldn't even call it "Sport Wear" at this point its definitely a fashion its just the brand that's started as Sports Wear, its like Gucci started out in leather goods specifically luggage and now they are a luxury brand. You wouldn't wear these items to the gym you wouldn't run a marathon in them or climb mountains in them you'd wear them out ! When you have brands Like Vetements, Off-White, Alexzander Wang, Gucci, Stella McCartney and so many more designers  collaborating with the likes of Nike, Reebok, Puma, Adidas, Champion, North Face, and New Balance and so on its makes "Sports Wear"  "Street Wear" which is a fashion style !

I remember when  I was 11 years old and on my first day of grade 7 I was made fun of for wearing Champion and North Face ( back when they were consider cheap) partly cause they were boys clothes and I may have been a bit on the chubby side and preferred clothing with elastic waist but needles to say I was made fun of for wearing athletic wear, "Sport Wear" to school and now its cool and why not look how far "Sports Wear" brands have come with there clothing !

I didn't really start getting into sports wear as fashion until I moved to Ireland which was in 2016..I think lol, I tend to loose track of time. The reason for this is that its more affordable there...which is weird and I wasn't working so I was able to dress a bit more on the casual side, I honestly never even paid attention to athletic brands.. you couldn't catch me in a hoodie prior to Ireland now I have a full section in my closet just for hoodies and I  have sneakers galore and before the only pair I owned was for the gym I even watch documentaries on sports brands cause I find it fascinating !

I've linked a few of my favorite pieces of "Sports Wear" fashion below , I'm not really partial to one brand I like what I like as you can see I'm mixing Adidas and Nike but hey to each is there own! Do you haave a specific "Sports Wear" brand that you love?

Photos By: Gena

Skirt: Aritzia, Shirt: Nike, Jacket: Adidas, Shoes: Nike

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