Shorts: All the Essentials

Good morning lovelies, its a beautiful sunny day here in Marmora and I'm loving it, after this I think I'm going to head to beach and soak up some rays !

What we've got on the menu today folks is Denim Shorts ! I've stated before that I've have a bit of a love hate relationship with denim shorts. I think its been about 3 years since I've bought a pair of denim shorts that I would wear outside of the house, but this year I'm happy to say that I've found a few that I love and I though I'd share with you the "why" behind why they work!

What you want to look for in a denim short is the hem line which in my mind is the most important part of the denim short. You want to make sure that the hem angles up on the outer thigh !!! This took me a while to figure out...I know its so simple but makes such a difference so your welcome for sharing it with JK. Trust me if you only by shorts that have a hem that angles up-ward you will never be disappointed with another pair of denim shorts unless they just don't fit or they show to much Why is this so important.....? If you said that it draws the eye upward and gives the illusion of a longer, slender leg then your right! The next most important thing you need to look for this the cut, you want a A-line cut, so meaning it slightly flares out from the hip this will give your legs some room and wont be skin tight, and its just more comfortable and flattering! After you get those 2 things checked off, you can focus on things like color, length, height and all that jazz!!


I found the 10  best styles cuts, and colors for denim shorts all under 165$ from brands like Agolde, Page, One Teaspoon, Levis, BGD, Dr.Denim and so on, if your cool with spending over 200$ mark on denim shorts then Frame, Cittizines Of Humannity, Redone, and Ragnbone all have great styles to chose from!  One of my faves in Levis because thee rarely over 100$ and fit great and the second is One Teaspoon because of there distressing and coloring is always on point

Photos By: Tim White

Shorts: Vintage (similar linked below) shirt: Zara, Shoes: Asos (similar linked below) Bag: Forever21 (similar linked below)

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