The Swimsuit Guide: My Top picks for 2018

Hello Guys, hope everyone had an awesome weekend!! Todays post is all about swimwear...yes its swimsuit season love or hate it, it has arrived !! Swimsuit season can be a bit of a panic for some or most like me ... The moment of truth is when you try on your swimsuit for the first time of the season prying to god it still fits and looks amazing... !! 

Its important feel great in your swimsuit, you want to fell like a million bucks and you also want some variety. Sometimes you want a swimsuit for tanning and sometimes you want it for leisure activities, pool parties or just hanging with the fam.. what ever the case you want to make sure you've got the very best swimsuit for every occasion cause you want to feel great and comfortable when showing some skin

I've rounded up a few of my favorite 2-piece and 1-piece swimsuits and cover-ups that are all under 100$!!!

2 Piece

I pay very close attention to the cut of 2 piece, I prefer something that's mid to low height in the bottoms with a mid coverage in the bum  and has a bit of a higher hip to elongate the legs, and in regards to the top I'm pretty open as long as its cute! Side note if your doing a high waist bikini bottom make sure the waist line angles up and that its not a straight cut across the mid section cause this will make your waist look smaller instead of larger!

1 Piece

This is my suit of choice for activities or when I'm around lots of people or planing on eating throughout the day A few things I look for is a higher hip and usually v-neckline cause I have a short torso and the V-neck helps me to look longer, if your doing a scoop-neck or any kind of a high-neck line just make sure it has a high hip and you'll be grand !

Beach cover-ups

Whether your at the beach or chilling by the pool its nice to keep it simple with a nice "cover-up" it eliminates the fuss with the whole what do wear with my swimsuit specially if its super hot! Now I found that Urban Outfitters had the best beach cover-ups so if you don't like any of these head over to them and I'm sure you'll find something that you'll love!

Phots By: Tim White

White Dress: Pennys (similar linked below), White Swimsuit: Pennys (similar linked below), Sunglasses: H&M

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