Weekly Favorites


Hey guys happy Sunday to you all!! Hope everyone's had a lovely morning or fab day depending on your time zone. Myself and Tim just finished up his birthday celebrations we had some cake and candles really the whole shebang, and now little Timmy is having a nap ...lol it doesn't take much to tire him these days lol! Any ways back to the blog, this weeks favorites is a short list cause I honestly haven't gotten up to much or tired a new things but none the less, everything that I've listed is everything that  I've been obsessing over!


#1 Goof Proof Brow Pencil and Gimme Brow Gell

I kid you not up until 2 weeks ago I was using and old eye liner pencil to fill in my brows.... lol I had been using this method and same pencil for about 3 years... I know.. so horrible! It finally ran out on me and I had to pop into Sephora and try and find a replacement... which seamed like a daunting task... (I'm not the greatest at the make-up thing) I decide to go with the Benefit brow product cause,  1 ive heard so much about it and 2 a girl at work said it was awesome so I took the plunge and spent the 70$ on these 2 items and I couldn't be happier !!! I actually look back and wonder how I used that old gammy eye liner pencil to do by brows for so long...

#2 Maya Hirasedo

I came across this artist on Instagram and then found her music on Spotify and I was hooked ! I love her sound! The 2 songs that I always have on are Cocaine and See Me!

#3 Resort/Cruise Collections

Its that time of year again where all the Designers show their coveted Resort/Cruise collection and lets just say it keeps getting better and better each year. I've been loving to watch all the videos on YouTube on the Resort/Cruise 2019 some of my favorite shows are Channel, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana!

#4 Straw Hat

I've a few straw hats that I do keep on repeat cause I love them so much and I also referenced them in my top 12 favorite trends for spring! There easy to wear and they look great with almost any outfit and there good for sun protection...so its a win-win!

#5 Mom Shorts

I've been wearing these shorts none stop for the past 3 weeks!! I have a hard time finding shorts that work for my body type cause they're usually are to short and my booty always hangs out or their too tight in the legs and then to loose in the waist, its a bit of a struggle. These fit so perfect, I don't have to worry about anything hanging out

#6 Bicycle Shorts

I think I love these so much cause there so comfy and easy to through on, when I'm working from home I can be found in these. There super in expensive and everywhere sells them #the80s...lol

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