The Best Sunglass For the Season


I don't think there's been a better time for sunglasses, sunglasses are the "IT" accessory. With so many different style and colors to chose from there's something for everyone! I've rounded up some of my favorite styles for this season from various brands like Le Specs, Quay Australia, Ray-ban, Gucci, Gentle Monster, Balenciaga, and of course the No-Name brand which I love lol. One thing that I love about sunglasses is that you can decide how much you want to pay, I've featured styles ranging from 8$- to 400$!! 


Cat Eye

The infamous Cat Eye sunglasses love, love, love these guys, I have 3 pairs at the moment and I do love to wear them. There so much fun and add such a retro vibe to your outfit. I will say I wasn't always a lover of the Cat Eye sunglasses  ... cause I have such a big face it took me a while to find ones big enough that looked good on me and  didn't make me look like I was sporting Jay Leno's Jaw but I finally found ones big enough so now I'm a fan



Micro sunglasses are all the rage, every one from Rihanna to Gigi Hadid are wearing them and releasing their own designer collection. These are purely decorative sunglasses.... meant to enhance your overall outfit, they are NOT for sun protection.... I repeat NOT for sun protection lol


This is the style that I tend to gravitate towards on a daily, probably cause they require zero fuss and theyre great for those sunny days when you need sunglasses to actually block the sun and protect your eyes. I linked the classic and the square style aviator, square is my fav!


Oversized sunglass is great for those days you just don't want to be bothered they kinda give fuck off vibes when your out and about ...depending on the style, oh and they make you look posh for a lack of better words...maybe regal is better way of saying it lol

Transparent Colour

Who doesn't love a colored sunglass weather its the lens or the frame they are super cute and a nice pop of color to your outfit! 


Oval sunglass are just as retro and cool as the Cat Eye style and I find that they're even easier to wear. The reason for this is they are a little less inconspicuous and depending on your face shape (I have a big ass face) they look better then cat eye. Which do you like better Cat Eye or Oval?


I would say this is the hardest style for me to wear cause of my face shape (funny oval looks good and round looks shit but to those of you who can rock them kudos to you! 


I debated about this one for a while cause I wasn't sure which one should make the cut and I just decided that they are practically the same shit other. The Wayfarer being a specific style for Ray-ban brand and have even trademarked the wayfarer style.

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