My top 12 Favorite Spring Trends


1) Raffia Bags

This is trend is everywhere at the minute and I love love love it! Whats cool about the Raffia bag is that you can get in a few different styles from round, to square to totes to sacs....everyone's got bag! 

2) Victorian Blouse

The Victorian blouse  is that its so easy to wear and looks beautiful on everyone, they usually come in with 2 variations of neckline either square or sweetheart and my favorite is the sweetheart neckline. Paired with denim makes for the perfect combo

3) Combat Boots

What I love about these boots is that there so versatile, you can literally wear them with just about anything, dress, shorts skirts, denim, cropped denim...anything ...and they give off a badass vibe !

4) Vintage Florals

Everyone loves a good floral print, specially the vintage florals, there its so nostalgic and feminine. I love to pair these guys with a more grungy/masculine piece like denim or combat boots I think it looks class!

5) Belt Bags 

These have been around for the last 6months maybe even longer and they aint going anywhere anytime soom! They come in a variety of styles from flat and slender pouch to a big and bulky they can look super cool with just a basic white tee and some denim. I find the flat slender style is the easies to wear but that's just me.

6) Polka Dots

I don't think anyone is surprised to see Polka Dots listed as a top spring/summer trend that's probably cause they never really go out of style. You can get them in a variety of colors which I love and because there so popular you can find them at any retailer in low to high price points. 

7) Light Washed Denim

Surprise surprise...of course I had to feature denim but its light washed denim that's on trend for this spring/summer season. It looks great paired with pastels and whites or vintage florals ad polka dots what every you fancy I can guarantee you that it will look grand with light washed denim.

8) Straw Hats

Straw hats for spring/summer is what the backer boy cap was for last years fall/winter. They look great with everything, you can wear them at the beach or around the town

9) PVC

Why not wear clear plastic ... well I Iove this trend cause its so 60's inspired but with a nice modern twist, you could do shoes, bags, clothing, accessories anything really. 

10) Co-Ords 

Who doesn't love a matching set, weather its a tailored suit or a cute short set, you throw this on and you instantly look cute and polished with out having to really think about what to wear !

11) Neutrals

Neutrals are the new pastels... no pastels are still massive but neutrals for spring/summer are even bigger. When I say neutrals meaning without color I'm referencing  whites, beige, ivory, cream. Basically muted tones! they look great on all skin colors and look super fresh when worn together !

12) Vintage Jewelry

With Jewellery the more you wear the better, you've seen a come back with vintage jewelry with likes of Pendants, St.Christopher's and Crosses and so on, I think they look great in gold, you can do silver if that's your preference. If you do decided to go with the vintage look keep it layered !

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