Well good morning guys or good afternoon, depending on where your at! How was everyone's long weekend ? Tim and I took easy just did some things here and there, like going to see the new  Deadpool movie!!!!! it was amazing !!!! And we went for a mini hike on Monday and I quickly realized just how out of shape I am, its been about a month since I've don a proper gym session ...and with bathing suite season looming I best get my ass in gear ....literally

Graphic-Tee's one of my favorite things to wear other then denim jackets of course, I'd say these 2 are my most worn items, even yesterday when we went for a hike I was sporting a Graphic-Tee  so its safe to say I love them!

3 things I look for in a Graphic-Tee

1) Fit: The 3 main classic fits for a Graphic-tee: Oversized, Fitted, and Cropped, and yes I know there are lots more fits then those 3, but I'm just going to simply it and keep it to a minimum or this post will be crazy long. I tend to gravitate towards the oversized fit just cause I find it the easiest to wear and I love baggy clothing!

2)  Length: The length of a Graphic-Tee/T-shirt is so important. For example; if your going with the oversized fit you want the length to go below the widest part of your hip, specially if you want to wear your Graphic-Tee untucked, the reason for this is that it will make you look more slender and add a nice drape to the t-shirt. If the length is at your mid hip or hip, it will make you look larger, that's cause its hitting you at the widest part of your body. If your rocking a fitted t-shirt you want the length to hit you just a bit below the hip bone (upper hip) so you can tuck it with some nice high waist denim or tie up and make it cropped. Now for the cropped t-shirt, its pretty self explanatory, personal I like it when it hits me at my natural waist, anything higher I just feel to exposed and anything longer, then what's the point of a cropped shirt  

3) Fabric: Now everyone thinks they want their t-shirt to be cotton... yes cotton is good but their is so many different kinds of cotton you need to make sure you get the right one otherwise coveted Graphic-Tee because garbage real quick. What I like is a poly-cotton  blend for my t-shirts because its soft, it holds it shape better and it doesn't wrinkle (as much). 

I hope this helps guys, there are few other things I look for when trying to find the "Perfect Graphic-tee" but its mostly just personal preference, if you stick to the 3 "F's", Next time your doing some shopping for a new Graphic-Tee, you'll be grand !

Linked below are some of my favorite Graphic-Tees from some of my favorite shops like Dollskill, Asos, and a few others. Most of the Graphic-Tees featured are oversized and fitted let, me know which ones you like ! I've already picked up a few so stay tuned to see which ones make it on to the blog !

Phots By: Tim White

T-shirt: vintage (similar one linked below), Skirt: Aritzia, Boots: Zara, Belt: Dollskill

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