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This week came and went, its has been a great one, so much has happened... I cant believe I've already been in Ontario for 1 week! this is a bit of a different post for me and I'm so excited to share with you guys what I've been loving this past week(s) so I hope you like it!  I rounded up all my favorites from fashion, art, skin care, music, accessories and more !

 # 1 Hey Reilly

Bare with me, I'm not great a describing art but here we go.  I've been loving this artist Hey Reilly for his fun satire like parody's of taking high end fashion brands and referencing them to pop culture and vice versa. I found him on Instagram @hey_reilly, and was instantly a fan, he has a huge following due to his amazing work that has landed him the opportunity of collaborating with Fendi for the fashions house fall 2018/2019 menswear collection!
I've reposted a few of his pieces on my Instagram ! You should check him out, he's brilliant!

# 2 This is America

The new release from Childish Gambino has only been out for 2 weeks with the video and its caused quite a commotion on social media and news and talk shows alike for is political reference and  graphic video partly cause it makes you think and question whats going in America and the world,  and well its a great track. Everyone I know that's listened to it and watched it has loved it. Have a listen and let me know what you think ?

#3 Light Washed Denim Jacket

I love this jacket for many reasons. 1) the color 2) its denim and 3) it goes with everything! I found this jacket in H&M for 20$ so I thought it was a steal of a deal. I've worn this jacket almost everyday since I've bought it ! If your in the market for a light washed denim jacket, I  highly recommend this one, but make sure you pop in to stores to purchase it cause for some reason its 40$ online

#4 Square Aviator  

I absolutely love these sunglasses. I love the square gold frame, that take you back to 60s, and its a nice change up from the traditional style of avs and those micro sunglass that are just everywhere at the minute. I originally wanted the square avs from Ray-ban but I I decided to start small and pick up these ones from H&M for 10$. I'm so bad with sunglasses always losing them and scratching the lenses, I didn't think it was a good idea to spend 300$ on a pair of Ray-bans so I decide to make a deal with myself, If I can keep these scratch free for the next 2 months then ill shell out and get the Ray-ban ones !

#5 White Sandals 

Well everyone knows and loves Sandals and I'm really digging these white ones because they have a bit of a heel which is Mission Critical for me and I like there minimalistic/structural style. Again they pretty much go with everything and just look more polished then your traditional flip-flop which I hate by the way.... Tims always trying to get me to buy a pair and I just cant bring my self to wear them! I pocked these up at Asos but are now sold out so I linked a similar one !

#6 Garry Vee

I recently discovered Garry Vee from my girl Sade, she told me about him and shared her obsession for his books and you-tube channel so naturally I was curious and decided to pick up his book Crushing It and I was hooked ! He's a mixture of the motivational and inspirational on "how to" get your shit together and get it done! I linked one my fav episodes from his podcast !

#7 Ole Henriksen

One of my favorite things about Sephora is their check aisle that's filled with all the little min samples, cause this lets you try out new things with out having to spend crazy amounts of money, basically they help minimize the risk and allow you to try more things while spending less.. unless your like me and just get a little to happy with all the mini size products....lol. One of the things I happened to pick up 2 weeks ago was this Ole Henriksen 3 little wonders of the world and inside it comes with night gel, day moisturizer and the Truth Serum. I love them! I've seen improvements with my skins appearance, it has reduced redness around my nose and my pores have gotten smaller and my skin is so smooth and glowy, it doesn't look so dull and dry anymore !

#8 Dynasty

This is one of my Favorite TV shows, its currently airing on Netflix and I cant get enough. The fashion alone is enough to keep watching, there's so much drama and family feuding it keeps you on your toes ! My favorite character is Fallen who is played by Elizabeth Gillies, Fallen character is driven and competitive and unapologetic she's super obnoxious and is just always bit too much which I love! It defiantly worth a watch!

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