Kar At The "Car" Show

Ola everyone, yesterday Marmora had a car show on, "Kar at the Car Show" lol .. I'm such a weirdo! We decided to head over before we went out for some dinner  to do a walk about and see what was going on! Honestly it wasn't half bad, they had some beautiful cars and live music and some good old fashioned street food! So all in all it was good experience, I'm excited to come back next Thursday what they have featured for new vehicles ,cause I guess they have a "Car" show every Thursday night !

I'm sure you guys are sick of seeing me in this denim jacket by now...but the truth of the matter is, I only brought 2 jackets with me... Not sure why I did that so I think I'm going to have to make shopping trip ...for the greater good of fashion lol. I think Ill try and fit that in this weekend! May long weekend started today, and you can defiantly tell around here, everyone's got their trailers loaded up with their boats and campers, they're all heading to the lake! I'm not to sure what myself and Tim are going to do, there's been talks of heading to Toronto or Montreal or even just staying local cause Tim will be working through most of it! But I do know one thing for sure, we will be going to see the new Dead Pool movie!!! So excited!!! 

also just a thought... I was thinking I should start showing more of Mr. Tim on the blog, he's kinda awkward about those things but I think it would be nice! All my girlfriends think Tim's the invisible man ..lol cause they never see him they only hear about him. What do you guys think ...would you like to see some of Tim in the Blog??!!

Photos By: Tim White

Top: Aritzia, Shoes: Asos, Sungalsess: H&M, Jacket: H&M, Shorts: Vintage (similar linked below), Belt: Aritzia

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