Wide Leg Denim

Good morning or good afternoon to all Its a beautiful sunny day here in Marmora! I'm about to head off the gym cause I feel guilty for eating 2 butter tarts for breakfast this morning ... :( but they were so good ..lol!

In case anyone is wondering I'm currently staying in Marmora which is about 2 hours outside of Toronto its a super small town with population of about 4000 people... why might you ask am I staying here ..well Mr has been out here for the past 2+ months for work and I thought I come and visit lol! 

Last night we ventured off to Madoc which is about 30 minutes from Marmora, we thought we'd wonder around the town and take some photos! The thing about small towns is everyone knows everyone, so when people see us we're usually greeted with a smile and long awaited stare...as they try to figure out who we are ..lol. I always forget that small towns like this still exist in rural Canada ... and how quiet they can be.. When we were back in Ireland living in Mitchelstown which has about the same population as Marmora, it was just so different. Mitchelstown is lively and fun, full of people out and about its just a different vibe. I've always wanted to be a big city girl, me being from Kamloops which has population of 90,000 and here was thinking that was small....so it takes a minute to adjust and understand the small town life, but it is nice to be able to relax and get back to the basics, ya know the simple things in life ! 

Wide Leg Denim

I'm definitely feeling the wide leg denim, I think it a nice change up from the traditional skinny or straight cropped leg denim that were are all so accustom to, it also ands some flair to your outfit lol (pun intended)

How to wear to these babies... I like to pair them with a heel just cause I have a longer inseam and there just not quite long enough for me to wear them with a flat or sneaker for that slouchy look (which you could definitely do), and the heel also elongate you so ya know why not ...? I kept it simple up top just cause I couldn't be bothered to be fusing with anything else and sometimes simple is just better! Personally I think the wide leg denim is versatile you just have to play with it, I'll be wearing these a lot throughout spring and into the fall season!

Ive picked some of my favorite wide leg denim in various style and colors just cause a girl needs veriaty, I think my fav is ... no sorry I have 2 favorites lol #3 and #4, perhaps 1 or both will be making an appearance in my wardrobe ...lol

Which is your Favorite ???

Phots By: Tim White

Belt: Aritzia, Jeans: Zara, Shoes: sold out (similar linked below), T-shirt: Mens Hanes

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