Top 6 Must have Denim Jackets

Good morning or Good afternoon depending on where you are ! Yesterday we headed to Bellville for some sightseeing, Mr wanted to show me around the town! Its super cute city full of old charm, with brick buildings and cobblestone pathways ! Once we were done looking around we head to this super cute Mexican restaurant called Chilangos, and of course I ordered the NACHOS...I think its safe to say that nachos is my favorite food! Every time I head to a restaurant Ill  glance at the menu pretending to look at all the options and then 9 times out of 10 I pick the Nachos I just love them! 

The Denim Jacket 

Now its no secret hat I'm some what obsessed with denim jackets... I  have so many I think I could wear a new one everyday of the week for 2 weeks straight. When ever I go in to a store that's the first thing I look for ...a denim jacket. When Tim and I were in Portugal we did some shopping on one of the days and I found this  amazing denim jacket, it was the perfect color with just the right amount of distressing it was perfect and  I really really wanted it...but Tim being the practical one said I had to many denim jackets and didn't understand why I could possible need another I had a mini BF in the store and didn't buy the jacket... this jacket still haunts my dreams yes I dream about clothing ... I should have bought it ! Note to self don't take your partner come home with empty bags

I still have a few denim jackets on my bucket list, I'm currently looking for a super dark oversized denim jacket , and cropped one in medium denim and light denim and a moto denim jacket !  I love shopping in the mens section for denim jackets cause I tend to like their fit better and they are usually cheaper for some weird

My Top 6 denim jackets ... it was hard to narrow it down to just 6, I probably could have picked 30+ but aint no body got time for that lol. I have a mixture of high and low prices from brand name to no name !

Which is yo favorite?

Photos By: Tim White

Jeans: Levis: Shoes: Zara (similar linked below) Cami: H&M, Jacket: H&M

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